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Hourly Design Options

Your go-to for quick fixes, maintenance and design finishes 

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Hourly Assistance Options

When you're running a business, website design and maintenance (or anything website related) is usually the last thing on your list.  We offer an easy and affordable hourly design solution to use any way your choose. Simply purchase a block of time, and we'll get to work for you.

We can help with 

  • Design Finishes

  • Training on a specific area or general overview

  • Website updates

  •  Adding store products (to existing store)

  • Help getting unstuck

  • Monthly maintenance

  • Fix mobile design

  • Copy Writing

  • Social media integration

  • Help with functionality issues

  • Add call-to-action lightbox and buttons

  • Find and add high quality Wix stock images

  • Add contact and subscription forms

  • Check SEO

  • VIP Day

  • Launch prep

  • General Business Consulting