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Project Roadmap


The inquiry process will help us both to see if we're a good fit - this includes determining if your timeline, budget and the level of design service you need aligns with our project schedule, pricing and scope of services. We typically start with having you fill out our questionnaire which can be found here. It's our goal to work with clients we think we can bring outstanding value to, and who also dig our style - mutual respect goes a long way to developing a inspiring, creative and productive working relationship resulting in a stunning website and brand identity for your business that you love.


If we agree to proceed, we'll create a custom proposal specifically for your website that includes a scope of work with a detailed punch-list of what will be included in your project, and a work schedule which will include start date, review rounds and launch date. We'll also include the fee for your project and payment information.


Once you officially accept the proposal, you'll receive an invoice for deposit of 1/2 of the total project fee. The final invoice for the remaining balance comes just prior to launch and turning the keys over to you. We typically determine this date and it is noted in your contract.


Once we receive your initial payment, work on your project begins! We'll do a one-hour kickoff call to gather project details and discuss your business, your target audience, and your preferences for your new site's design aesthetic. We generally have you send us some examples of websites you like prior to our call and then will discuss fun things like color, fonts and layout type and the pages you want.


Each design project includes up to three rounds of revision; two initial rounds and a final review round before we hit "publish". ROUND ONE We'll start working on the first round of design on your project based on our call. You'll send us site copy and photos you may already have, or we can pull from a current site, if you already have one in existence. Once we finish round one, we'll send you a link to get your feedback - you'll be able to make comments directly on the site mock-up. We'll determine if we're on the right track and make any small tweaks. ROUND TWO This is where we dive a little deeper into the functionality of your site and gather more information from you, including your contact preferences, additional photos, copy and if we're building a store - copy and photos for your products and/or services. We'll also make any edits to the design that were noted in round one. FINAL ROUND | TESTING The final round is where we test for functionality to make sure that e-mail, subscription boxes, your store, blog posts and apps are working properly. We'll also connect your social media, connect your site to Google Analytics and complete the SEO.


Mobile optimization is completed after the desktop design and final round has been completed - it is almost a separate design process.


Now that the site has been polished and tested, we're ready to launch! We'll send the final invoice and once it's paid, we'll transfer the website to your Wix account, connect your domain (or transfer/redirect it if your hosting is elsewhere) and hit the publish button! We'll stay on as admin for a week in the event there are minor tweaks that need to be made post-launch. We also include training so that you can manage and edit your website and also offer maintenance services if you prefer we do ongoing edits.


Once the mobile design is complete, we'll test both mobile and desktop design across multiple platforms (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge) and devices, including mobile (IOS/Android), desktop and tablet to make sure all looks pretty and is behaving.