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Capturing Life's Treasures: Meet Jen Perez, Owner of Jen Perez Photography

image of jen perez, owner of jen perez photography
Pictured: Jen Perez, Owner of Jen Perez Photography

Meet the talented and inspiring photographer, Jen Perez, Owner of Jen Perez Photography. Based in sunny Orange County, California, Jen captures stunning shots and precious memories on film at beautiful locations like beaches, grassy knolls, and in homes.

Specializing in natural-light, lifestyle images, Jen's work is nothing short of amazing. As a mom of twin boys, her journey into photography was a natural progression, influenced by her great-grandfather's legacy as a well-known photographer in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

For Jen, the joy in her business lies in watching her clients grow—from engagements and weddings to starting families and beyond. She values creating moments that can be cherished for generations, forming incredible friendships with clients, and connecting with fellow photographers who have become her best friends.

Despite her success, Jen acknowledges her biggest challenge: being a people pleaser. Striking a balance between work and family is an ongoing struggle, but she emphasizes the importance of saying no, setting boundaries, and prioritizing family.

To women starting a business, Jen offers valuable advice: "Avoid comparing yourself with others, let them be your inspiration, practice patience, and understand that success takes time. Continuous learning, a strong work ethic, and clear communication are crucial components of building a successful business."

Explore more of Jen's captivating work on her website, (designed by yours truly). Follow her on Instagram to witness her talent in action. Congratulations on your success, Jen, and thank you for preserving precious memories for everyone you work with.

You can find out more about Jen at (designed by yours truly) and be sure to follow her on Instagram and take a look at some of her amazing work below to see more of her beautiful work in action! Congrats on your success, Jen and thank you for capturing such precious memories for everyone you work with.


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