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Meet Rashmi Pannikar, Owner of Sattvam Store

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Pictured: Rashmi Pannikar, Owner of Sattvam Store

Meet inspiring entrepreneur, Rashmi Pannikar, Owner of Sattvam Store. I had the pleasure of working with Rashmi to design the website for Sattvam Store, an eco-friendly online store with many, many products I would love to have in my home!

Rashmi is continuing to grow her business and utilize her website post-transfer to market her business, increase her sales and get to know what her customers want.

Rashmi has had an interesting and inspiring journey that I wanted to share with other female entrepreneurs. Here is her story, in her own words.

Why did you start your business?

"When I moved with my husband from India to US, I aspired to live an American dream. Having a Master's Degree in Business Management, I was positive about getting an opportunity to work. Little did I know that my American dream was not going to be a reality. I struggled to find a company who were ready to hire me. Applying for several jobs, positions going on hold, endless interviews with no results, I was frustrated.

After feeling helpless for a while, I realized that I can create an opportunity for myself. I grew up in a family where my mom not only worked in an office but she also had a side hustle. That inspired me to think about starting a business of my own.

Since my childhood, I was always passionate about art, and I learnt that I can start my creative business if I polish my art skills a little. I did exactly that and after a years time I started an Etsy shop to sell my Botanical paintings. I also extended my skills to learn Surface Pattern Design and opened a shop in Society6.

After spending few years on Society6 platform, I grabbed a licensing deal for my patterns with Bed Bath & Beyond store. All this sounds great, but to be honest, selling art isn't easy and it is not a steady income stream. I wanted to build a steady income stream along with other passive businesses, and that's where I conceptualized 'Sattvam'.

Sattvam is my second business that I launched this year in 2023. I'm also the Founder & Owner of my creative business 'Colour Harmony Design', that was launched during the pandemic of 2020. I started this business to support myself & my husband who has been the bread earner for our family from past 12+ years. I also started my business because I wanted to feel confident about myself."

What do you love most about your business?

"I love seeing my customers buy my paintings & writing positive reviews about my work. I feel I have managed to entice a little joy in them with my paintings. I'm extremely happy to see customers already sharing positive feedbacks about my new business ‘Sattvam’. Also, through Sattvam I’m supporting other women artists, makers and creators with their business, which is my ultimate happiness and this what I love about my businesses."

What is your biggest challenge?

"To understand what customers are looking for. Also, navigating in a retail business is tough due to its ever changing nature. I need to constantly learn something new to lead my business to another level. Balancing between work & home is the hardest part. The way I look at it is, ‘A baby will never remain a baby, she will grow & you will not struggle the same once she grows up.’ My new business is my baby right now & I’m doing everything to nurture & help my business grow."

What advice would you give to other women starting a business?

"Don’t just think about it, make it happen! I’ll be honest, it is scary at the beginning of the every unknown. But once you take that leap, you will learn & grow from there. You may be inspired by the journey of others, but let your journey be yours & not the imprint of someone else. One day you will be proud about yourself for listening to your inner calling"

Please visit and shop Sattvam Store here. Here's to your success, Rashmi! We're so inspired by your story and the business you've launched and are continuing to grow!


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