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Meet Shantel White, Community Outreach Director, MSLACA

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Pictured: Shantel White, Community Outreach Director, Metropolitan St. Louis Association for Court Administration

Say hello to Shantel White, the Community Outreach Director of the Metropolitan St. Louis Association for Court Administration (also known as MSLACA). I had the pleasure of working with Shantel to redesign the MSLACA website ahead of their participation in a much anticipated spring conference.

Shantel had a specific vision for the MSLACA website (including the color palette and amazing cover image) and my mission was to bring it to life and get it online before the conference. Mission accomplished!

I asked Shantel to share some insight into her important role within MSLACA, and to share any advice she has for other women in business.

Tell us about your role at MSLACA.

"I am the Deputy Court Administrator for the City of Brentwood for 8 years now. I joined the MSLACA Organization in 2015 and became part of the board in 2017 as the Historian/Automation Director.

My duties as the Historian were to be responsible for the safekeeping of any memorabilia collected by the Association. My duties as Automation were to be responsible for maintain the Association website and communicating with the company hosting the domain.

In 2022 the organization change one of our directors' positions from "Cheer" to "Community Outreach" which I was asked by the board (because they had more faith in me than I did myself) to take on that position which task consist of bringing not just the new clerks together, but to bring us all together as a whole as well as doing things as a community to help our communities. As of now or website position is vacant, so I am helping to keep it up and running at the moment while at the same time trying to get a committee together for the Community Outreach.

Being a part of the MSLACA Organization has really taught me a lot and given me the chance to meet a lot of amazing people starting with everyone that's on the board and I am forever grateful."

What do you feel is one of your most notable accomplishments?

""Being able to come out of my shell and help others do the same."

What is your biggest challenge?

"To get other to open up to new things. I manage this by telling my story and putting myself in the front-line showing others that it's okay to be open to new things."

What advice would you give to other women in business?

"Have faith in yourself, keep your head held high and strive for what it is that you want even when time get rough never give up and always pray."

Great advice! Here's to your continued success, Shantel! You're an inspiration to other women in the legal court administration field and role is such an important one to your organization. You can learn more about MSLACA here.


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