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Serving Families: Meet Pristina Holmes, Owner of Our Favorite Place Childcare

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Pictured: Our Favorite Place Childcare

Meet Pristina Holmes, Owner of Our Favorite Place Childcare located in Eastvale, California. Pristina has been serving families in her community for over 20 years!

Any parent knows, when searching for childcare, it has to be just the right fit. Pristina has built an in-home childcare program that is the perfect hybrid of the comforts of home, with a curriculum for the littles to learn as well. Her clients can tell you first-hand what a blessing it is to entrust their children to her care (be sure to check out the testimonials on her website).

We asked Pristina to tell us more about how she started her business, more details about the extremely important service she provides to families, and any guidance she would give to other women in business. Enjoy!

Why did you start your business?

"I started my family childcare business as a way help others and as an added benefit to be available for my children."

What do you love most about your business?

"In my family childcare, we care for children from infancy to school age. I find that my greatest joy is when children are ready to depart for kindergarten. We have watched them learn their first words, learn to walk, feed themselves, potty, write and read, make friends and be kind! I feel confident in sending them on their way well equipped to handle the transition for their next phase in life."

What is your biggest challenge?

"There are various challenges, but I choose to keep God as my focus and rely on him to keep me grounded."

What advice would you give to other women starting a business?

"The best advice that I can give to other women starting their own business is to believe in yourself! Shut out all of the noise of the nay-sayers (I had a few) and move forward. You will find your way day by day."

You can find out more about Pristina and Our Favorite Place at - thank you Pristina, for the amazing work you do for families in your community!


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