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Taking Luxury Real Estate to the Next Level: Meet Kimberly Dotseth, Owner & Broker of Blend Luxury Real Estate

Kimberly Dotseth, Owner of Blend Luxury Real Estate

Introducing Kimberly Dotseth, Owner and Broker of Blend Luxury Real Estate, located in the San Diego, California.

I had the pleasure of working with Kimberly while designing her website for Blend Luxury Real Estate and was inspired by the business she's built and wanted to share her success story!

What follows are some exclusive insights from Kimberly into the when, how and why she embarked on her journey in real estate and started her own business, as well as some delightful hobbies that keep her balanced (and entertained - admittedly, she's a Swiftie!) She also offers some sage advice to other women on what it takes to start and build a successful business. Enjoy!


Why did you decide to start your own business?

"I wanted my mornings back! I originally had a long corporate management career and did that work through the 1980s and all the way to 1999. It was corporate work in real estate the last ten years, and I was licensed as a real estate agent and running the show as a manager, but I wanted to sell houses and have my mornings back. Time to be slow, have coffee, check out the news and not be in a suit at my desk by 7:30.

My life was so stressful, I can't begin to tell you. Once I left my regular job in 1999 to sell houses, I got my mornings back, but I wanted more. It became clear that I wanted my own brokerage, something I would never have dared dream about in the 1980s and 1990s.

But the time came in 2007 to set about start studying for my California's broker's test. I took almost a year to study so I could manage any of the 3,000 test questions administered by the state flawlessly -- that was my goal. Failing that very hard test was not an option. In October 2007, it was time. I finished the first 3 hour test in 45 minutes. I finished the second 3 hour test in 40 minutes. When I turned in my work after the second test, I went into the bathroom in the Art Deco building where I was in downtown San Diego and burst into tears. I was all alone but knew I had passed and knew my life would change. It took three weeks to get the passing news (passing notices were done by mail then), but my life did change.

It's good to run the show! And have your mornings! This is it for life. We are set and done. Goal accomplished. Now I get to have fun with the business and make a few mistakes along the way. My mistakes are for another chat!"

What do you love most about your business?

"I love when someone chooses to hire me. Just yesterday, I had lunch with sellers who closed on a 35-year family home. They wanted to take me to lunch to thank me. I knew I was the first person interviewed for the listing and I also knew they were being careful. They interviewed two huge companies. They had told me this before, but at lunch, they said they trusted me instantly, and I talked "differently" than the others, and not just about tech, as the other agents did. Wow, having that kind of personal feedback is probably the thing I love most about my business. Of course, I want to replicate their experience with every new client. I also love getting a contract accepted when I am a buyer's agent.

And I love slowly tinkering with my Canva account, working on postcard marketing after our closings. We send thousands of postcards a year (through Vistaprint) and all are designed by me in Canva. That time period after a sale, when there is no clock and no rush, working on a card. That is my definition of Bliss."

What is your biggest challenge as business owner?

"We aren't the world's largest real estate company, but when we are invited into a home to present our listing services, we are rarely not hired. The biggest challenge is finding new clients. Every day you wake up unemployed.

It's important to find new ways to get in front of sellers. It's pretty much all I think about. We sell about 15 - 20 homes a year and believe me, I would love it to be 40. We consider ourselves outstanding at what we do, but every after all these years, working on new clients is my only real goal/challenge."

What are some hobbies or activities you enjoy when you're not busy running your business?

"Every day I power walk before working. That's fun. I look forward to my wine happy hour around 6 PM and always my Taylor Swift headphone time.  I am a new Swiftie as of mid-2023 so I have a lot of catching up to do.

I collect art, am a certified cat lady and have an amazing husband. He loves cats almost more than I do! We have a great life. And every night at sunset, we feed stray cats in our local park. We have not missed a night since we started in February 2017. Cats have come and gone from the park and we love them fiercely. We laugh and cry with them. We have adopted two of them.

I have traveled the world, and now sort of like just being home in San Diego working on dinner recipes for the two of us. Unless we can get to New York City and suddenly I want to be a New Yorker full time!

I love true crime and wrote a book last year about Betty Broderick.

Since my husband is also a broker at my firm, we have these times we call "broker talk" and go through work stuff back and forth. It's kind of funny to have these business meetings on the sofa with the TV on. But we are very serious about our work and accomplishments. We are kicking it, if I do say so myself. I have zero complaints about anything at all in my life."

What advice would you give to other women business owners, or those starting a business?

"I would try to have some cash cushion in the bank. Being in real estate, income is up and down. Even working on my website with Jamie, I have to budget funds because every dollar is earned and spent by only me.

I know it probably sounds impossible, but if I were to start a new business today, I would want $10,000 in a savings account that was not my main source of living money. Money "sitting there" waiting for my next business emergency like a new printer or a bigger marketing project.

I recently started a small publishing company business and while I don't work on it full-time, it's a thrill to have it and be starting something small. That gives me joy and fun.

Networking with others in your field is ok, but it never got me clients. Find ways to get clients without being overly aggressive or in people's faces. Remember, you are building something out of thin air, so do it your way and be gracious."

I had a wonderful experience working with Kimberly while designing her website. She is someone I consider an inspiring "woman on a mission".

Please visit the Blend Luxury Real Estate website to see the incredible business Kimberly has built, the services she offers and be sure to check out her blog!

Wishing you continued success in your business, Kimberly!


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