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What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

Your website is the online storefront for your business and one of the most important tools you possess to market your products and services. As a matter of fact, you only have about 10 seconds to make a first impression!

It's the first place people go to learn more about the services you provide or the products you sell, and to determine whether or not they want to do business with you in the vast online marketplace. Your website is also essential in legitimizing your business to your target audience, and can make the difference between making a sale and gaining a client, or missing out on opportunities as they quickly leave your site.

If your website is outdated, hard to navigate, doesn't look right on mobile, or in need of much-needed content updates, you are definitely missing out on potential business.

Here are some important questions to ask:

  • How long ago was your website designed and when is the last time you reviewed it (do it now!)?

  • Is it easy to navigate to buy your products or book your services?

  • How does it look on your mobile device?

  • Is the content accurate and current and when was it last updated?

  • How does it make you feel about your business when you look at it?

If you've determined your website needs a makeover, I know the thought of revamping it can be confusing and overwhelming, and you are not alone. I've helped many clients turn their outdated or DIY design into a polished, modern and revenue-generating hub for their business and I use a very simple, streamlined and transparent process to take the stress out of the equation.

Here are some zero-commitment and completely complimentary options I offer that will help to get you started:

  • I offer a free website evaluation. I'll review your current website and provide you with feedback on what's working, and what needs improvement as well as actionable steps to turn your website into one worthy of your business. Simply fill out the form you'll find here.

  • I also offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to chat about your website - what's working and what's not and how to turn your website into one you love. Fill out the form you'll find here. I'll be in touch to setup a time that works for you to connect.

You've worked so hard to build your business. It's my mission to help women business owners stand out in their industry in a modern, elevated and revenue-generating website.

Here's to your success!


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