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Introducing Hopp by Wix: the Link in Bio Game-Changer for Female Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to get eyes on your business in the crowded social media space where engagement is key to growing your business? Look no further than Hopp by Wix - an elevated way to transform your social media links on Instagram and other social media platforms you use.

Hopp by Wix

What is Hopp by Wix?


Hopp by Wix is a cutting-edge tool that can help you optimize your social media presence by transforming your bio links into a powerful marketing asset. It's easily customizable to align with your brand.

Say goodbye to messy URLs in your bio and clunky design; with Hopp, you can create a visually appealing and organized hub for all your important links.

Let's take a look inside the Hopp platform below.

Built-in Design Tools


As female entrepreneurs, we have enough on our plates. The design interface is user-friendly and makes it easy to change the layout, font, background colors and cover image to align with your brand aesthetic. Don't worry if you don't consider yourself a designer. If you can create social media posts, this is a piece o' cake!

Elevate Your Brand

Design Presets


Explore the many design presets that offer different layouts, colors and sections to inspire you as your create your landing page. I had a lot of fun with this tool, and played around with it until I got it just right.

Elevate Your Brand

SEO and Analytic Tools


You'll be able to optimize your text and images to increase your reach and engagement (also know as SEO), and get valuable market insight via the integrated Google Analytics tool, plus many other settings to help you manage your links and make the most out of your link in bio page.

My Hopp Landing Page


Now that you've learned a bit about how Hopp works and the tools it offer, are you ready to see it in action? Follow this link or use the QR code below to view my live link in bio landing page. I love that I can add as many links as I want in the order I want. It is most definitely a game-changer.

Ready to Get Started?


Whether your website is built on Wix, another platform, or you don't yet have a website (which I can help with), it's easy to get started on Hopp by Wix.

Here are the instructions to help get you started:

Go to

  1. Click Get Started for Free at the top right.

  2. Log in with your Wix account or create a new account. 

  3. Choose a name and username for your Link in Bio page and click Create Account.

  4. Set up your Link in Bio page.

I hope you've found this article helpful and are overjoyed at finding this fabulous tool! If you need help getting yours set up and designed, please feel free to reach out via email at I'm always happy to support other women on a mission!

About Bliss Creative Studio:


Bliss Creative empowers women-owned and led businesses with elevated and engaging websites designed for success. You can learn more about the services we offer here.


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