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A Tailored Approach to Meaningful Change: A Conversation with Leadership Coach, Laura Bierling

Kimberly Dotseth, Owner of Blend Luxury Real Estate

Introducing Laura Bierling, an Accredited Insights Discovery® Practitioner and Leadership Coach, located in Berlin, Germany.

Laura is a university-trained business coach, mediator, and seasoned facilitator with over 25 years of diverse industry experience. She notes her approach is "shaped by a genuine love for those I work with, grounded in substance, and tailored to bring forth meaningful change. This involves creating a space where growth is not just encouraged but nurtured."

I had the pleasure of redesigning Laura's website for her coaching practice and made it my mission to elevate her online presence to match her incredible level of experience and expertise. I was inspired by her uniquely tailored approach to leadership coaching and asked her to share some insights into her entrepreneurial journey; what inspired her to start her own business, what she loves about being her own boss, and to offer advice to other women business owners. I think you'll be inspired too!


Why did you decide to start your own business?

"I took the leap into entrepreneurship because it felt like the natural progression of all the years I spent building up my skills and confidence. What maybe drove me strongest was the desire to break free from the constraints of employment and offer my unique style of coaching and facilitation.

I wanted the freedom to tailor my approach to each client's needs and preferences. Plus, I was chasing that perfect work-life balance that was purposeful and happy. So starting my own business wasn't just about a career move; it was about crafting a lifestyle that brings me joy and fulfillment while supporting my clients with my coaching expertise."

What do you love most about your business?

"What I love most about my business? It's the freedom, hands down. The freedom to handpick my ideal clients, to create out-of-the-box workshops that truly impact leaders and teams within organizations, and to dive into courses on any topic that piques my curiosity, all on my own schedule. The perks are endless, and most of the days it feels like an adventure in creativity and fulfillment - some days of course I feel more like a tax clerk and an office manager (insert smile)!"

What is your biggest challenge as business owner?

"To be honest, it's hard for me to even find something that I perceive as a real challenge, I just enjoy so many aspects of being an entrepreneur. However, if I had to identify one thing, it would be finding those perfect-fit clients or ensuring they find me.

There are moments when it feels like there's more work than I can handle, and other times when I wish there were more opportunities coming my way. That is a reality of being your own boss. Nevertheless, these hurdles never keep me up at night. I always sleep well, knowing that I can plan out my next steps and attract the clients I truly want to work with."

What are some hobbies or activities you enjoy when you're not busy running your business?

"When I'm not with clients, you can find me cooking and getting crafty. I enjoy spending quality time with friends who inspire me, especially the incredibly wise and powerful women in my life. Sharing a fancy meal, engaging in deep conversations about life, and being authentically ourselves without any pretenses is pure fuel for me.

You might also catch me immersed in a good book, lost in music, or learning, anything from gardening, the latest advancements in AI or neuroscience. The list of things I love to do is truly endless!"

What advice would you give to other women business owners, or those starting a business?

"Fear not! You are far more capable than you might think. There are others out there, no smarter than you, accomplishing what you're dreaming of right now. Take a moment to reach out to people you know and ask them about your strengths. I did this before launching my own business, and the responses I received were not only heartwarming but also invaluable. They helped me craft the language for my website and provided the inspiration I needed to start.

Surround yourself with activities and people you love, especially other inspiring women, and steer clear of the critics who only project their own fears onto you. Always question: Is this feedback valuable? Can I use it constructively? Don't let others' opinions define you, and most importantly, don't let your own doubts hold you back.

If you're struggling to recognize your strengths, consider taking a valid preference personality test or using a strength finder. Anything that propels you one step closer to your dream business is worth pursuing with all your heart!"

Please visit Laura's website to see the incredible business she's built. She is absolutely a "woman on a mission in business". Wishing you continued success on your entrepreneurial journey, Laura!


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